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Scorpion EVO 3 A1- 75 rd magazine smoky 3-pack

Scorpion EVO 3 A1- 75 rd magazine smoky 3-pack


Standard magazine for the EVO 3 A1. 75 rd. capacity. Made from polycarbonate, it is very durable and has the exact dimensions and material choice as the original CZ magazines – an ideal fit for original CZ magazine clips.

  • Smooth BB feeding

  • Strong construction

  • Comes in pack of 3

Please note that the magazine is without a printed design.
If you want to add a design to the magazine - Please download the designs files from the links below to print and put on your magazine.

Evo Magazine Guide. Click here

Template File. Click here

Designs File. Click here

ASG have obtained U.S. design patent on the EVO magazines


On May 3rd, 2016 United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issued U.S. Patent No. D755,310 to ActionSportGames A/S (ASG) for it’s CZ Scorpion EVO 3 airsoft replica magazine.

The key feature protected by the design patent is the top of the magazine including the specific design elements enabling the empty magazine detection.

The registration of the design patent is a milestone the in the continued development and protection of the EVO airsoft replica globally, as is enables ASG to stop all unauthorised copies of the magazine to enter the US territory.”

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