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NUPROL LiPo Balance Charger

NUPROL LiPo Balance Charger
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Created by NUPROL as part of their POWER range

Economic and high quality LiPo Balance charger

Smart charging system

Stops charging when the battery is full

Charges both 7.4v and 11.1v LiPo Batteries

LED Status indicators to show battery errors and problems

Requires no external power supply

Power lead included

100v - 240V AC Input Voltage Support

50hz / 60hz AV Input Voltage Support

5W circuit power per cell

Outputs a max charge of 1.2A per cell

Ceases charging at 4.2v +/- 0.02v

Top and bottom heat vents

Instructions sticker on the charger unit itself

Small enough to keep in your gun bag

For use with Li-Po batteries

This charger comes with a built in power supply. The AC power cord can be connected directly to any 100-240V AC power socket. To charge the battery follow the instructions below.

  1. Insert the AC power cord into the charger
  2. Insert the AC cord into a 100-240v wall socket. All LEDs will light up green and flash red to indicate the charger is ready to be used.
  3. Connect the battery balance wire to the balance port which is on the front side of the charger, this is the smaller white plug on the battery. After 2 seconds the charger will detect the voltage of the battery and begin charging.
  4. The charger now starts charging the battery. The LEDs will glow a constant red. The number of lit LED lights corresponds to the number of cells in the battery.
  5. When a cell is completely charged the corresponding LED will glow a constant green.
  6. Unplug the battery from the charger and the led will stay green and flash red indicating the charger is ready for the next battery.

If you unplug the battery while charging the charger will stop automatically and enter a standby status.

If the charger encounters an overload or short while charging the charger will stop automatically and display 3 blinking red LED.

LED Status Meanings

LED IndicatorCharge Status
LED stays green and flashes red.The charger is ready to charge.
LED glows constant red.The charger is charging.
LED glows constant green.The charging process is finished.


Error Status Meanings

LED IndicatorCause of Error
All LED flash red once and stop in a 1 second cycle.The battery is connected incorrectly.
All LEDs flash red twice and stop in a one second cycle.The charger has detected an overload or short circuit.

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