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Brand: ASG Model: ASG Adaptor for B&T MP9 QD B.E.T.
DescriptionThe B&T MP9 QD adaptor fits on all 14mm ccw threaded barrels and allows the impressive B&T MP9 Barrel Extension Tube (ref. 17260) to be quickly attached.The adaptor consists of 2 pieces: a locking ring and an adaptor.The locking ring ensures that the adaptor can be positioned with..
Ex Tax:£10.83
Brand: ASG Model: ASG Scorpion EVO 3 - A1 Adaptor 18mm to 14mm ccw
DescriptionFor mounting standard 14mm CCW accessories, such as barrel extension, flash hiders and other similar accessories. This adaptor replaces the 18mm flash hider and allows any Airsoft barrel attachment to be screwed on the 14mm CCW threading.    CNC machinedAnodized finish..
Ex Tax:£9.16
Brand: Nuprol Model: NP BOA - LONG - BRONZE
Long & Short VersionBronze or BlackIncludes 14mm CCW QD Flash HiderMetal constructionLength: 170mm (Excluding Flash Hider)..
Ex Tax:£20.83
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