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ASG Ultimate Upgrade Spring ms02 green M105



ULTIMATE – MILSPEC - M105 – Springrate 0.467N/mm

Ultimate Mil-Spec AEG springs are manufactured out of the best steel (SiCr) available for springs. With minimum loss in power and consistency, the Mil-Spec spring series is the ULTIMATE choice for your AEG. The Mil-Spec springs are colour coded for better identifying them when switching out the spring for different skirmishes. 

The springs are designed from the start to deliver the best output while keeping its coil strength, consistency and quality. With the closed and ground ends, the spring remains in place during use to prevent reduction in ROF due to bending.

Available in M95, M105, M115, M125, and M135


  • Military specification spring steel - SiCr - Best possible steel for springs
  • The calibration test has been carried out on 6.03 - 300mm barrel. Zero hop-up with 0.20g BB's.
  • Progressive coiling - Provides a soft start which eases stress on both mechanical and electrical parts
  • Closed and ground ends - Stable straight ends minimises side bending which reduce ROF loss
  • Pre-compressed - Greatly reduces power loss from initial shrinkage
  • Black zinc plating - Only corrosion protection which does not impair spring performance
  • Full specification control secures exact same specification at every spring
  • Colour coding for easy indication of individual spring grade

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