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Enola Gaye MK5 ThunderFlash - Pack of 3

Enola Gaye MK5 ThunderFlash - Pack of 3
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EG Mk5 now comes in a box of 3.

The MK5 Thunderflash is the benchmark product for distraction and diversion. Airsoft and Paintball players use this product to divert their opponents attention when they can’t get an aim on them, a simple but very effective product designed to mimic the version used by the military. The Enola Gaye version is tested and approved for use in paintball and airsoft without the military intensity of throwing real grenades at each other. The effect of a MK5 is just a loud high pitched noise effect.

Please note, the following restrictions apply to all sales of Pyrotechnics sold by UKFOB Airsoft.

By purchasing smoke or pyrotechnics from UKFIOB Airsoft I understand the conditions of sale & use. We reserve the right to share information if contacted by the police should misuse of these products take place. 

We are unable to ship Pyrotechnics to Northern Ireland.

It is illegal to use smoke grenades or any form of pyrotechnics in sports stadiums in the UK. Over 18 use and supply only. Do not use products indoors or in confined areas. Smoke can cause breathing difficulties. Do not use pyrotechnics in public places unless permission is sought. Do not use pyrotechnics in locations which could create panic or concern.  

I have read and understand that pyrotechnics can only be used in controlled areas or on private land and can confirm that I understand these conditions.

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Enola Gaye MK5 ThunderFlash - Pack of 3
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