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Novritsch SSG Spring

Novritsch SSG Spring

These springs are compatible with all of our guns that start with SSG in the name.

Please select the desired FPS of the spring and have a look at the chart below.

Gun Compatibility

SSG10 A1
All Springs Except M190
All Springs Except M200, M210, M220
All Springs

The numbers below are only for reference. There will be a +/- 20% power output deviation. The fps and Joules of your rifle highly depend on the hopup setting, BB brand, amount and type of lubricant, temperature of lubricant and how used the spring is. If you want to have your rifle tuned to the exact limit of your field, we recommend getting fps adjuster rings and the spring that is below your fields’ limit.

SSG10 Default Barrel

m/s 0.2g

fps 0.2g
Joules 0.2g
Joules HeavyBB

SSG96/24 Default Barrel

m/s 0.2gfps 0.2g
Joules 0.2g
Joules HeavyBB

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Novritsch SSG Spring
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