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Spring Guides

Brand: ASG Model: ASG Scorpion EVO 3 A1 Steel Spring Guide with Bearing
DescriptionUpgraded spring guide for the EVO 3A1. This upgraded spring guide has a core of high-tension steel, making it capable of handling any power spring one could wish to install in the EVO. The outer part of the guide rod has a free rotating sleeve made in POM polymer, which protects the ..
Ex Tax:£18.99
Brand: Maxx Model Products Model: Maxx CNC Stainless Steel/Aluminum Spring Guide v2
Product DescriptionCNC Stainless Steel/Aluminum Spring Guides are designed to keep the spring in line and allow the spring to rotate on shaft during high compression, suitable for AEG version 2 gearbox upgrades.This Spring Guide is machined with an M5 thread on stainless steel hub to hold the stock ..
Ex Tax:£11.66
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