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Brand: firefly Model: Firefly Namazu Red Flat Hop Nub with Stainless Steel Pin
The Firefly Namazu is a flat hop conversion that will significantly improve your range. By enlarging and extending the contact patch, the amount of hop applied to the BB is greatly increased. The included stainless steel pin prevents the nub from compressing when the hop is turned up for heavier BBs..
Ex Tax:£15.00
Brand: Maple Leaf Model: Maple Leaf Omega Nub Tensioner
The Maple Leaf Omega Nub Tensioner is a nice upgrade for increased range and accuracy. Similar to other 'flat hops' like the Namazu Nub, this maple leaf nub is more concaved to match the shape of the BB. This nub gives more contact area and precise points of pressure around the BB instead of just on..
Ex Tax:£4.96
Model: Scorpion EVO Barrel Upgrade Kit
This kit is made up of:1 x Orga Lex05 6.05mm inner barrel (Choose length from options list)1 x Laylax Prometheus purple hop bucking1 x FireFly Namazu flat hop nub ..
Ex Tax:£95.99
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