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Novritsch Full Thrust Kit

Novritsch Full Thrust Kit

With the NOVRITSCH FULL THRUST KIT installed in your VSR-10 / VSR-10 clone you can use 6.44mm 0.58g Bio BBs.

The bigger diameter and the heavier weight results in more range, better accuracy, and stability in wind.

You will get all these advantages while causing less injuries due to the bigger impact surface.

The 0.58g BBs are biodegradable which makes them ideal for outdoor games.

The installation is easy, follow the included video installation guide, and your rifle will be ready in a matter of minutes.

Pushing the limits

Since I started airsoft sniping 11 years ago, I had one mission. Crafting the perfect sniper rifle, with the best possible range and accuracy. Since 2016 however airsoft sniper development hit a dead end. The 6mm 0.46g BB was the heaviest Bio BB and it could not be made heavier. The ammunition was the actual factor which limited the full potential of our sniper rifles.

It is time for change

I went back to the drawing board and engineered the system from the ground up. After extensive research, I found out that the 6mm BB is not ideal for 2-4 joules sniper rifles. I needed to do what hasn't been done before, creating the future of Airsoft Sniping.

Less Air Resistance

Air resistance increases exponentially with the projectile's speed. The heavier 0.58g BB leaves your muzzle with the same energy, but slower, which leads to less air resistance. This is why it keeps speed and the kinetic energy much longer which leads to a drastic increase in effective range.

Consistent Magnus Effect 

The higher mass of the 0.58g BBs in combination with the bigger diameter makes for a long-lasting backspin. Since the mass is further away from the centre than on a 6mm BB, the spin can be kept for longer which leads to a flat and long-ranging hopup effect.

The flight path explained

The image shows the range advantage of the 0.58g compared to the 0.46g BBs. Both BBs are fired at the same energy. The 0.58 flies flatter and further.

Consistent Backspin 

As a result of the larger 6.44 diameter, vertical accuracy is improved due to a more consistent force of the Magnus effect (=hop up effect). The hop-up bucking has more time and surface to grab the BB and spin it consistently every time you fire a shot.

Inertia Advantage

Due to the high inertia, the 0.58g FULL THRUST BB will keep its direction towards the target more stable even with air turbulence trying to get it off its path.

                             0.46g grouping | 60m @ 2.6J                                                                 0.58g grouping | 60m @ 2.6J

Test Setup

The test was performed in a closed environment which was a 100-meter long indoor shooting tunnel. Both the 6mm and the FULL THRUST rifle were fired at 2.6 joules from a bipod. The results show a tighter grouping of the 0.58g than of the 0.46g.

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