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Open Blaster 0.20g Airsoft BB

Open Blaster 0.20g Airsoft BB


Now going green in Airsoft, 

no longer means wearing camouflage. 


The New Environment-Friendly Airsoft BB for Pro Games. 

Finally, you can go green while maintaining accuracy and consistency in your Airsoft gun. Manufactured to exact dimensions within a +/-0.01mm tolerance. This environment-friendly BB will shoot tight groups at long distances. Nontoxic and safe for people and the environment tested according to EU and US regulations. The BB's contain PLA, a thermoplastic polyester derived from renewable resources, such as corn starch, or sugarcanes. PLA biodegrades in the presence of primarily moisture and oxygen.


Recommended for:

Expert players.

High-end AEGs.


0.20 g - Are very popular for most Airsoft AEGs, gas and CO2 rifles and pistols. They give very good range and accuracy.


Weight: 0.20g

Amount: 3300

Container: Bottle.

Colour: White.

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