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Blaster Devil 0.36g Airsoft BB

Blaster Devil 0.36g Airsoft BB
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The BLASTER DEVIL are a brand of high quality BB’s from ActionSportGames ASG, based on the well known brand of precision Airsoft pellets, the BLASTER BB’s. The BLASTER DEVIL BB’s undergo strict quality control, are carefully selected, bottled and controlled to ensure the highest standard possible. With a tolerance of +/- 0.01mm the BLASTER DEVIL BB’s raise the standards for quality precision BB’s. 

A true Diamond grade precision Airsoft BB, The Blaster Devils are the evil side of the family!

Weight: 0.36 g

Colour: White

3000 pcs. Bottle.

0.36 g - Heavier pellets for sniper rifles. Slower, but have high stability and a high impact on the target. 

The BLASTER DEVIL brand carries a full range of high precision Airsoft BB’s – from 0.20 g to 0.43 g, and are fantastic all-round Airsoft BB's, recommended especially for sniper rifles and AEG's with precision barrels.

The BLASTER DEVIL 0,36 g BB's are documented non-toxic.

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