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9.9V Battery, 1400 mAh, LI-FE, sticks

9.9V Battery, 1400 mAh, LI-FE, sticks

The latest in Airsoft battery technology. Li-Fe has a longer life cycle as well as better thermal performance (good performance in high and low temperature) than Li-Po batteries. During use in airsoft guns, thermal stability is very important since high temperatures can cause battery malfunction.

Another important factor is the 9.9V voltage. For most standard Airsoft guns, an 11.1V battery is too high of a voltage for the motors and the gears and could ruin the gun. A 9.9V Li-Fe has perfect voltage for high performance Airsoft guns.


Li-Fe chargers

Ref. 17942 EU - Ref. 17943 UK 


Configuration: 3 split-cell. (20 C-rating)

Voltage: 9.9V.

Capacity: 1400mAh.

Weight: 115 grams.

Hard case included

Ultra-advanced Li-Fe battery technology.

L:136mm W: 20mm H: 9mm pr stick.

NOTE: You must use a Li-Fe battery charger.

To prolong the life of a Li-Fe battery:

Never completely discharge the battery.
Stop using the battery the moment you hear the Rate of Fire goes down.
IMPORTANT: you must use a Li-Fe charger, no exceptions.

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